Tuesday, May 08, 2012

One Less Lonely Gurl: Chapter 4

[AN: who the hell is Ebony and why the heck am I even like her? She's an emo fag. I hate emo's. 

(Monica's prejudice against anyone who isn't like her makes her like Ebony in a way, only she hates goffs, while Ebony hates preps.)

Yup, that's me. I look like a girl.
I love rainbows and I hate rock songs. 

(I like rainbows AND rock songs!)

I simply hate that dark stuff. Goths, punks, and emo's creep me out. 

(Quite the opposite actually. These people are actually nicer than they look and are often misunderstood. That very misunderstanding is actually the very reason why Todd wrote My Immortal. He used it as an outlet for his anger.)

I'm blonde, I like pink, and I love Hilary Duff! She's one of the best singers ever! Justin Bieber is ah-dorable!]

(I have black hair [see picture of me at the upper right], I like hot pink, and I'm not really that crazy about Hilary Duff. heck, I don't even know even a single song by her. This is actually a My Immortal reference because Ebony hates Hilary Duff. Justin Bieber is ah-dorable? Maybe for rabid fangirls, but not me. I'm just neutral about him... Well, I used to be a hater, but I soon got over it. 
Fun fact: The picture of Monica that I used for my profile pic back then is actually an awful picture of me that I photoshopped to have long, blonde hair with pink and green streaks just like C'ren's/Avril's. That was when I realized that I could actually pass as a girl, also considering my ridiculously short stature of 4'10. Just add fake breasts and butt enhancer. Now on to the story, right after the jump link!) 

"Yes, yes I am. I was tasked by them to go down to the ocean and collect coral reefs from here to bring back to the land. I just came by here accidentally."

The people stared at me again in deeper admiration and put out some papers and pens. They wanted an autograph from me.
(Mary Sue alarm! Beep beep beep!)

"Thank you, thank you so much," I said as I signed their papers, handkerchiefs, and even shirts one by one.
As soon as that commotion was over, Bob took me to his home that was shaped like a pineapple.

(I kept this in canon... but it looks like things will start to go wild from this point on! Nah, not really...)

"So about Justin Bieber, he is actually like me, also from the land above.

(and also disliked by fanfiction readers everywhere! That explains the many Bieber-related flames I got throughout the duration of the challenge...)

What I don't know for sure is how he even got well-known doen

(Deer can't exist underwater!)

here in the first place. May I know why?"

(Logic points for C'ren!)

"Dude, we have computers and TV's down here. Unlike you landlubbers,

(Spongebob, er, Bob... is a surfer and a pirate!)

These guys rock!
we have access to both land and undersea channels and websites. My friend Pearl is like,

(...and he's a valley girl too!)

so totally in love with him. And she even gave me these concert tickets. Do you want to go with me? I'll also take my friend Patrick along, but he happens to like those rock bands such as Stingray 5000 and Ned and the Needlefish...

(Patrick is a goff! Go Patrick! Yes, Stungrsy 400 rox! Blink 183 [geddit?] forevaaarrr! \n/)

Boys Who Cry = Jonas Brothers
Oh, and yeah,. Bieber will perform alongside Boys Who Cry."

"Really? That's awesome. If you said that only the worthy are allowed here, then Justin Bieber IS worthy. And that's why I love him and worship him. I've always known that he was superhuman," I replied.

(Bieber worship! Everyone's hoppin' into this ludacris [geddit?] bandwagon!)

"I think I know this place..." I sad

(Why do you have to be sad when you've just learned that you will go to a freaking Justin Bieber concert!? When I learned that Avenged Sevenfold was gonna have a concert at my place, I was pretty much partying my ass off!)

as soon as we got there and I looked around.

(Of course you know this place! You already saw this in a freaking cartoon back up in the land!)

"Pardon?" Bob said. "I thought you only have been here now. What do you mean you already know this place? That's just deja vu you're feeling. Maybe you just need some sleep."

"Maybe," I replied.

"You sleep upstairs, while I stay down here in the sofa," Bob said. "Goodnight."

(At least they didn't do it! Now that would be just wrong! Now, for everyone else who predicted a Bob-C'ren pairing, you guys got it all wrong! 
Up next: The angsty-wangsty chapter. Boo hoo.)

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