Friday, June 01, 2012

One Less Lonely Gurl: Chapter 14

Seanut Brittle!
[Jimmy's Note: Right next to Chapter 28, this has got to be the most awesome chapter in this fanfic. And hey, I'm halfway there! 14 more chapters to go!]

I saw this car accidentally run into a delivery truck filled with seanut brittle gag toys.
The good thing though is that no one was injured in the accident, but this scene was just downright hilarious.
(The author's notes, though very offensive to some people, are actually more hilarious, come to think of it.) 
I helped them out with cleaning up the scene, and Patrick was there. Yes, that guy with pink hair who never wears a shirt and just walks around in green board shorts with purple flowers on them. 

(Not to mention he does have one heck of a belly. Now, imagine that in human form.)
He was opening up the remaining intact jars of seanut brittle gag toys, only for him to realize over and over again that he is not getting any seanut brittle from those jars but instead, purple springs will just keep coming out of the jars and leave them empty.

(Pranks a Lot!)