Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Interesting Week So Far...

It's been an interesting week so far since I went on hiatus for a while. I'm in my new apartment now and I just finished setting up my stuff. Phew!

I just found out that my fanfic One Less Lonely Gurl got deleted by the fanfiction.net admins along with the commentaries by Coralline Slayer, Gokiburi Prince (Leaning on the Fourth Wall), and Nazirul Takashi. So, those links don't work anymore. The only complete commentary so far is the one in Project After Forums. I will soon make a rehost site here for the fanfic. No one can take away our lulz!

Furthermore, I found out that my fanfic already has its own TV Tropes page when I saw that one of my top traffic sources is TV Tropes, a well-known 'cheat sheet' for writers everywhere. I've been a fan of that page for quite some time, but I don't do edits there. I just read the tropes, and every day that I visit there, I learn a thing or two. It has helped me improve my writing thus far.

My fanfic aside, I also found out that a few other trollfics have been recently deleted by the admins such as the infamous Jo Bekke at Hugwrts. (I'm too lazy to type it the way Jo Bel did.) They're doing a pretty good job purging the site of badfic/trollfic.

Let's just say that my faith in humanity (actually, the FFN admins...) has been partially restored until Jo Bel wreaks her bigoted vengeance again. Her brother said that she isn't a troll, unless of course, if Jo Bel, her brother, her cousin, her boyfriend, and the hacker are all the same person with multiple personality disorder...

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