Saturday, May 12, 2012

Elsewhere: This Blog's Name

Troll's Eye View: The Book
I went on to randomly Googling my blog's name, Troll's Eye View, to see what would come out. I discovered that my website actually shares names with a book.

Coincidentally, just like my blog that tells a story from the point of view of a former internet troll (considered to be the 'villain' of the internet), this book tells stories from the point of view of the antagonists. I'm also working on a story told from the point of view of an antagonist, Sheldon James Plankton (who coincidentally shares names with me, and also coincidentally, James Sullivan, James Durbin, Michael James Way, Zachary James Baker, and St. Jimmy. Oh, and Harry Potter's dad, too.)

Yeah, James is an awesome name. :)

Anyway, I firmly believe that no one is born entirely evil or good, and that life is just infinite shades of gray. I live with the principle of doing my best to see what is good in everything and the bad in even the most 'perfect' of Mary Sues. This belief system is very similar to what is being presented in this book, which I might consider reading someday.

Ever since I was a kid, I've always been fascinated with villains and why they almost always lose. I've always seemed to understand that villains don't really just do things for the evulz. Even if the story itself would say that they are just evil by nature, I don't actually believe in things and people being naturally evil. (Yes, even insanity counts as a logical motive for being evil, therefore, s/he isn't innately evil. Insanity, in turn, has to be caused by something traumatic that must have happened in the past.)

Fun Fact: This is my third post that doesn't have a jump link.

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